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Google Analytics 4 Migration

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Why you should migrate to GA4 now?


In July 2023, Google will sunset Universal Analytics (UA) (July 2024 for Premium 360 customers). That might seem someway off, so why should you migrate now?


Making the shift sooner rather than later is vital for two reasons:


1. The data problem – Differences between UA and GA4 data models makes your historic data incompatible. From the 1st Julys 2023, UA will no longer record your data, and you will lose the ability to register continued engagement on your website unless you have already made the switch to GA4.


2. The people problem – You and your team will need time to setup GA4 correctly and familiarise yourselves with the new features and reporting.


If you’re looking for support with your migration from UA to GA4 then please complete the form and one of our consultants with be in touch.



How can we support you?


Every migration will vary and therefore we tailor our approach to ensure that you receive support where you need it. This may include:


  • Auditing your current Universal Analytics
  • Documenting and mapping your current implementation
  • Troubleshooting any errors in your current setup
  • Configuration of your GA4 tag management systems and GA4 interface itself
  • Ensuring parity between your old and new website tracking
  • Full documentation of any site changes made
  • Post launch Quality Assurance (QA)




How long would it take?


In most instances, you can expect the migration to take 3-6 days.


It is quite rare to see authorities in the field sharing their way of thinking with such illustrative examples, having a laid-back and friendly approach.

Google Analytics 4 migration project details


To ensure the smoothest transition from UA to GA4, we have broken down the project into 4 steps:



1  Discovery


Starting off we will spend time getting to know you and your site, nailing down your key conversions, challenges, and requirements needed for a thorough understanding of your business performance online. This step ensures your implementation is built to your specific needs.



2  Audit and Planning


Auditing your current UA setup is a vital step to identify current issues, these are problems that need to be addressed now to ensure they are not brought over as part of your GA4 migration. This knowledge is used to build out an implementation roadmap, planning from the top-level account structure down to specific event tracking.


Every step throughout the process will come with complete documentation to ensure you never miss a beat with total clarity around any changes made with developer guidance to ensure later ease of use should you wish to make changes yourself.



3  Configuration and Implementation


By the end of this step all site activity will be dual tracked in both your UA and GA4 instances. GTM is implemented while developers add all new data layer changes; at the same time your GA4 interface is configured for both production (live) and staging environments, ready to receive data in the appropriate format.


Your new implementation needs to be monitored in these early stages to ensure everything is running as expected. As any differences between the two instances need to be properly monitored and explained we provide a cheat sheet, outlining differences in key metrics and dimensions across each platform, with a dashboard built to facilitate a view of your UA and GA4 data side by side, enabling you to see all discrepancies clearly.



4  Rollout and Results


Once quality assurance has been carried out within staging environments, ensuring that GA4 data is populating correctly, changes can be finalised and pushed to the production environment with alerts and triggers setup to ensure any new issues that appear are appropriately managed.



Make the most of your analytics

To discuss your requirements with one of our consultants, please complete the form.



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