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Customer Experience Optimisation Team

Why you need Data & Analytics

With accurate and reliable data (and tracking) you can benchmark the performance of your customer experience and report the outcome of experiments with confidence.


Digital products change and evolve constantly. Having a robust data and analytics strategy will help you identify new opportunities and quantify the impact of any change to your products and services.


To get started fill in the form to discuss an initial Data Audit with one of our experts.



How does it help me and my business?


  • Check the right data is being collected along customer journeys
  • Get closer to your customers to better understand their behaviours
  • Align business reporting requirements with tracking/events
  • Fix any tagging and tracking issues
  • Map your current data collection
  • Improve implementations: Adobe, GA4, GTM, Tealium
  • Improve data quality, accuracy, and consistency


We were really impressed with the data insight project that highlighted the variety of different types of behaviours our customers showcase.

How does it work?

Our team of Data specialists will conduct an initial review of your customer journeys and conduct a series of stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper insight into your business’ data vision. Typically this would include:


  • Reviewing of all customer journeys capturing data at each step
  • Reviewing all current reporting – what is currently available
  • Reviewing implementations GA4, Adobe, Tealium, GTM…
  • Checking data processing across all major data systems
  • Mapping business requirements with data and tracking processes
  • Presenting recommendations for improvements
  • Carrying out fixes and deploying improvements

Already identified a data project you want help with?

If you have already formulated a data project brief you would like us to review, please simply fill in the form and we will get straight back to you and discuss your requirements.

So, how do we get started?

1  Fill in the form to request a call back


2  Our Data specialists will initially complete a free scope of work


3  We agree commercials


4  Data Audit & Onboarding begins


Higher quality data leads to better analysis and performance

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